WoWonder Timeline is a social timeline application for WoWonder PHP Social Network, With WoWonder Timeline users can Post and interact with users feeds and like and comment, more now Using the application is easier, and more fun!

Application Features:

  • Login Pages: Added ability to log in normally and via 6 different social communities.
  • Welcome Page: Added the ability for users to choose between registering and logging in on the welcome page.
  • Register Page: Added ability to register a new account.
  • Forget Page: Added ability for users to recover their account via email address.
  • Registration steps: Added ability for users to upload their Avatars and display recommended users.
  • Walkthrough Pages: Added ability to advertise chat application during Registration steps.
  • Timeline Page: Added ability to see all kinds of posts Text, Pictures, Videos, Maps, Feelings, and more.
  • Friends & Follow System: The application Supports friend systems like Facebook, and follow systems like Twitter.
  • Add Post Page: Added the ability for users to add new posts as text images or videos or activities and feelings.
  • Post Privacy: Added ability to control post Privacy.
  • Friends Page: Added ability to display all user’s friends on one page.
  • User Profile Page: Added ability for users to open users profiles and timelines and get their information and feeds.
  • Community Page: Added the ability for users to display liked pages and joined groups on one page.
  • Add Product Page: Added ability for users to add their own product attached with images & information and price.
  • Many more…

Download Mobile Native Social Timeline Applications For WoWonder Social PHP Script
Live Demo: View Demo


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