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WhatsIPs v2.5 – IP Address Lookup PHP Script Source Code

WhatsIPs is an IP address Lookup PHP Laravel Script and IP address-based geolocation finding system. Free 50,000 queries per month. It works for both IPV4 and IPV6. The system also shows the location on Google map, ISP name, Hostname, Proxy Information, Continent, Country and region Information, latitude & longitude, and more. It’s a Furnish, Ready to Use, SEO ready, Google Adsense and Custom Ads ready, and referral/affiliate links ready Script or tools for earning money. You can easily build a website or online tools like whatismyip just install this script in your server and start earning with it by showing Google or Custom Ads and referral/affiliate links. It has a powerful admin panel to control the tools.

Unveiling WhatsIPs: Your Go-To IP Address Lookup PHP Script

In the digital realm, understanding the origins and details of online interactions is vital for security, troubleshooting, and business optimization. Enter WhatsIPs, a robust IP address lookup PHP script designed to provide comprehensive insights into IP addresses. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the features and benefits of WhatsIPs and how it empowers users to unravel the mysteries behind IP addresses effortlessly.

Instant IP Address Insights

WhatsIPs offers instant insights into IP addresses, allowing users to uncover essential information such as geographic location, ISP (Internet Service Provider), organization, and more. Whether you’re tracking down the source of suspicious activities, verifying user locations, or analyzing website traffic patterns, WhatsIPs provides the data you need to make informed decisions and take appropriate actions.

Geolocation Accuracy

With WhatsIPs, geolocation accuracy is paramount. The script utilizes advanced geolocation databases and algorithms to pinpoint the geographic location of IP addresses with precision. Whether the IP address is associated with a specific city, region, or country, WhatsIPs delivers accurate geolocation data, enabling users to identify the origin of online interactions and tailor their responses accordingly.

ISP and Organization Identification

Understanding the ISP and organization behind an IP address can provide valuable insights into network ownership and affiliation. WhatsIPs retrieves ISP and organization information associated with IP addresses, allowing users to identify service providers, corporate networks, and other entities behind online activities. This information is invaluable for network administrators, cybersecurity professionals, and business owners seeking to manage network resources effectively and mitigate security risks.

Reverse DNS Lookup

WhatsIPs offers reverse DNS lookup functionality, enabling users to discover the domain names associated with IP addresses. By querying DNS (Domain Name System) servers, WhatsIPs retrieves reverse DNS records, providing users with additional context and identifying potential domain aliases or misconfigurations. This feature is particularly useful for cybersecurity investigations, email validation, and network troubleshooting purposes.

API Integration

For seamless integration into existing workflows and applications, WhatsIPs offers API (Application Programming Interface) integration capabilities. Users can leverage the WhatsIPs API to automate IP address lookups, retrieve geolocation data programmatically, and incorporate IP intelligence into their custom applications and scripts. This flexibility enables developers to enhance the functionality of their applications and streamline IP address analysis workflows with ease.

Main Features of WhatsIPs:

  • Latest Stable Laravel v6.x
  • Search IP or Domain name
  • Works for both IPV4 and IPV6
  • Ip address-based geolocation searching system with MAP
  • Get the Country name & code
  • Get the Continent name & code
  • Get the Region name & code
  • Get latitude & longitude by IP address
  • Get timezone
  • Get postal code
  • Get proxy info
  • Get currency info
  • Get ISP name
  • Get ISP domain name
  • Get ASN number
  • Get AS name
  • Well-organized SEO system
  • Site logo, site title, and favicon changing option
  • Copyright updating system
  • Try forgot password
  • User profile editing system
  • Free 50,000 queries per month.
  • Fully Responsive
  • Clean Design
  • In-Depth Documentation
  • And more…

Download WhatsIPs IP Address Lookup PHP Script Nulled
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Free Download WhatsIPs PHP Script Nulled


In conclusion, WhatsIPs emerges as a powerful IP address lookup PHP script that empowers users to unravel the mysteries behind IP addresses effortlessly. With its instant IP address insights, geolocation accuracy, ISP and organization identification, reverse DNS lookup, and API integration capabilities, WhatsIPs provides a comprehensive solution for IP address analysis and intelligence gathering. Whether you’re a network administrator, cybersecurity professional, business owner, or developer, WhatsIPs equips you with the tools and information you need to understand online interactions, enhance security, and optimize business operations in the digital age.

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