Best Contact Form Plugins for WordPress

Want to add a contact form to your WordPress site, but not sure which contact form plugin to use? Choosing the best contact form WordPress plugin for your site can be a tedious task since there are a huge number of them!

In this article, we will compare the 5 best contact form plugins for WordPress that will help you choose the best form builder for your needs. When choosing your form plugin, think about how you will use it and what features you will need so that you can choose the best one for your unique website and business or organization. Okay, let’s dive into our top-form plugins!

Which is the Best WordPress Form Plugin?

The answer to which is the best WordPress form plugin varies according to your needs and usage. While WPForms is the fastest growing WordPress form plugin, in some cases Formidable Forms or another plugin might be a good fit. If you are looking for a free WordPress Forms plugin, WPForms Lite, Formidable Forms, and Ninja Forms are significantly better solutions …

1. WPForms


WPForms is the best communication form WordPress plugin on the market. It comes with a simple drag-and-drop form builder, which allows you to create smart communication forms with just a few clicks without touching any code.

In addition to offering the most user-friendly interface, it features the most powerful features you need to succeed. In addition to the usual contact forms, the plugin enables you to create advanced online forms like survey forms, donation forms, order forms, membership forms, and much more in a matter of minutes.

To ensure that you have the freedom to create all kinds of forms, it provides all kinds of form fields in multi-page forms, from file uploads to radio buttons. Also, it has lots of form templates that allow you to create professional WordPress forms easily and quickly.

After all, adding forms to your pages and posts is extremely easy with the native WPForms block. Yes, it’s Gutenberg ready. Also, it saves all form submissions as ‘entries’ and lets you manage and review the information you need directly from your WordPress dashboard.

  • Easy to use: WPForms is a very easy-to-use plugin that even an absolute beginner can easily configure and create powerful WordPress forms.
  • Free version available: A free contact form plugin version of WPForms is available at Great for new and small companies.
  • Expert Support: You can get lots of documentation and tutorials with fully-dedicated technical support.
  • Advanced features require a paid version: Although it has a free version, you will need to purchase the Pro version to unlock most of its advanced features.

Overall, if you are looking for a highly customizable form builder plugin for WordPress that combines simplicity with a wide range of useful features, WPForms is the best option available. Although WPForms is powerful, the # 1 goal of this plugin is to make it user-friendly. This is why it does not have the more complex features that some other form plugins offer. In addition, WPForms is the best WordPress form maker on the market.

Growmek users can use these WPForms coupons, which will give you a 50% discount on the premium version of WPForms. Alternatively, you’ll start with WPForms Lite for free of charge, which in our opinion is the best free WordPress form plugin.

Bonus: If you are a registered nonprofit organization, you can qualify for WPForms nonprofit discount, which gives you 75% off the regular price. WPForms prefers to support non-profit organizations around the world.


2. Formidable Pro


Formidable Forms is the most advanced WordPress form builder plugin available in the market. It comes with powerful options with premium add-ons that allow you to create advanced forms like quizzes, surveys, payment forms, registration forms, profile forms, and much more.

With a visual drag-and-drop form builder, it lets you create simple to complex forms. If you do not want to start from scratch, you can use pre-built form templates on your business site.

With Formidable Forms, you can create unlimited forms and fully customize them as you wish. It has a visible form stylizer that you simply can use to offer a selected style to everything including your field labels, floating labels, colors, settings, etc. One of the unique features that make Formidable Forms one of the best contact form WordPress plugins is the ability to display form data with views.

You can display any data submitted in a robust form at the front end of your site, such as classified listing sites such as real estate, employment listings, etc. You can buy its add-ons separately or with premium plans.

  • Advanced Features: Powerful forms offer a wide range of features that can help programmers build more advanced functionality.
  • Greater Flexibility: It offers great flexibility and more styling options than the other plugins on this list.

They also have a powerful WooCommerce integration that helps you create product forms and even create WooCommerce product configuration forms that are directly attached to your cart.

  • Focus on advanced users: Powerful form builders are not as intuitive as WPForms because they focus on advanced users and developers.
  • Learning curve: Although its extensive features can be helpful for advanced users, they make the plugin interface quite complicated. Beginners can get puzzled in the beginning.


3. Contact Form 7


Contact Form 7 is probably the oldest and most downloaded Contact Form plugin available. It has a legacy of more than a decade as the top solution for WordPress communication forms.

Using Contact Form 7, you can create basic contact forms and add them to your site However, due to the HTML-based interface, creating contact forms is not as easy as the other plugins in this list. You must have basic HTML knowledge to use this plugin. Unlike the other plugins on the list, Contact Form 7 is a free plugin with no exclusive payment options. However, there are several third-party plugins that act as addons to Contact Form 7.

  • Free Plugins: You can install and use completely free Contact Form 7 on as many sites as you want
  • Free Online Resources Available: There are lots of useful online resources and tutorials that you can use to learn about plugins.
  • Limited support: Since the plugin is free, support options are limited.


4. Gravity Forms


Gravity Form is a premium contact form plugin for WordPress. The plugin has a bundle of powerful features and options that enable you to create advanced forms on your WordPress site.

Like WPForms and Ninja Forms, Gravity Forms also offers an intuitive drag-and-drop interface for creating forms. After creating the forms, you can add them to your posts and pages by clicking the Add Forms button in a post editor toolbar like WPForms. You can also use shortcodes and function calls to manually add forms to your site if you wish.

Other notable features include conditional reasoning, email notifications, spam protection, responsive design, and more. In addition, it has dozens of add-ons and integrations for various web applications and email marketing services. Not to mention that all of your forms created with Gravity Forms will be fully responsive and will look great on all devices.

  • Reliable Support: Gravity Forms offers reliable support options for any type of support you may need. You can find answers to your common questions in the knowledge base and forums, while there is email support for technical issues.
  • Lots of addons: Advanced features and lots of add-ons make it a complete tool for all your needs.
  • There’s no free version: Unlike the other plugins on this list, it’s a premium-only plugin. If you’re on a shoestring budget, this might not be the proper option for you.


5. Ninja Forms


Ninja Forms is also one of the best communication form WordPress plugins. With its intuitive drag-and-drop form creator, you can create simple to complex online forms. But if you are a developer, you can also build your custom functionality using the hundreds of functions and action hooks available.

Using Ninja Forms, you’ll use a vast number of forms, fields, emails, and submissions. Once you’ve created your forms, you can add them to your site using a shortcode, widget, or template function. With Ninja Forms, you’ll miss the add form option directly in the post editor that provides WPForms.

Ninja Form is a freemium plugin available in both free and paid versions. Also, it features dozens of add-ons ($29 to $129) for enhanced options and integration with various web apps, email marketing services, and payment options.

  • Choice of addons: Ninja Form addons offer you a choice of just buying the add-ons you need. That way, you’ll only pay for the features you need. No extra money is spent.
  • Detailed Documentation: There is detailed documentation for the plugin and its addons. If you need technical support, there is a great way to help them. There is a helpful community support option, as well as documentation, guide, and email support.
  • Quite Expensive: Ninja Farms seems affordable at the beginning with the option to purchase unique addons; However, as your demand grows it becomes more expensive.


Which is the Best Contact Form Plugin for WordPress?

Best is a relative term, meaning “best” plugins vary from person to person according to their needs. So, it is entirely up to you to decide the best contact form plugin for yourself.

However, WPForms looks promising for all types of users due to its user-friendly interface, powerful features, and flexible pricing options. If you have a startup business, you can use the free version to get started. It has a bunch of powerful features that are enough for small-sized companies. As your business grows, you can simply upgrade your plugin license and get everything you need. We hope this article has helped you find the best communication form WordPress plugin.


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